She is Pretty Cool



Damn this girl drives me crazy all the time, she is

Always leaving her shit around, complaining about this or that,

Under her blankets hiding her phone or otherwise

Getting on my last nerve, really knows how to

Hurt my feelings…or her sister’s or her dad’s but

Then we always forgive her anyway because we know that

Even behind the mascara and the black outfits and the door slamming,

Real girl is in there and when she comes back to us this teen thing doesn’t

Seem so bad…she even seems like herself again, and she is pretty cool.




this amazing photo is by Barbara Paulsen at



19 thoughts on “She is Pretty Cool

  1. That’s sweet! I can identify with it, even though it has been many decades since I left home for school. The mother-daughter relationship is so important.


  2. You have described my 13 yo son perfectly…. minus the mascara 🙂 Yet every once in awhile I see the sweet boy inside and all is forgiven. xo


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