pissed off

I didn’t want to write this

do this, screw this.

my pain is real, so

much so,  to complain, no

I’m not gonna  go,  there

it doesn’t feel like

your business, my this

but I’m here to tell you

sell you, my line of thinking

winking, to myself knowing

showing,  it’s not true

my brew, hypnotize,

attempts and tries

but if you are still

listening, my shrill

voice screams, it beams

it yells, it hurts like hell

if you must know, you

turned low, you don’t know

shit about me, words free

you can’t see, you don’t read

open your eyes, my

disguise, it’s all lies.

done, finished



photo by Barbara Paulsen of tandemechoes.com.

6 thoughts on “Disguise

    • Oh dear, this is not the first time a reader has thought this was happening to me. I am channeling the feelings of friends who are going through divorces now, and it is my reflection of the big feelings they are experiencing. Thank you SO much for reading and caring and will pass along the hugs to them!


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