Love is… More Than 10 Sentences

Both of these poems were written for my husband; he’s the first person I think of when given the prompt of “love.”  The quote pictured hangs as you enter our room.

The challenge today is to write a post about “what love is in 10 sentences” by the talented Prakash at the It’s PH blog and the super-creative Terry at Through the Lens of my Life. But, here’s the kicker, each line can only be 4 words long.  Also include a favorite quote about love (see below).  I wrote the first one without love in the sentences, and the second has the word love in each (although the challenge specifies you include the word).  So here goes, along with a tag to other fabulous blogs to do the same.

FullSizeRender (25)


Clothes in a pile

Still I can smile

You come home mad

Still I am glad

I watch you leave

My tiny parts grieve

Later you call me

Words often small me

All these years together

Just the start-forever




As you love me

I love you back

Your love begins a

Larger circle of love

Those loveable little kids

Completes the love line

Do you love asking

When love is anwering?

Why still so lovely

To love you so?


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