For Writing 201/Poetry, I wanted to share a gem.  Whether creating visual art, written works, in her parenting, in her community or in her life, Marybess is the epitome of the word “artist.”  Enjoy!




it’s the beginning

of every poem

of every thought.


what it represents

i do not know.

why it comes

i’ve yet to discover.



are you my favorite word?



is what I will call you.


from this day forward,




are my blue.


the sky

the ocean

my most comfortable jeans.




a wave of vinca

atop the green.


-mary bess gloria




photo by Barbara Paulsen at

2 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Very essential poem.
    I sensed Creationism.
    For old Japanese the character 青 can both mean Inmaturity, Youngness still as a mere opposite extreme of Seniority or Maturity despite being similar in gender. Yet the foreignization of the idea of the Color separated from Green makes it look at something Melancolic. Just some thoughts.


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