Compassion and Kindness, Acrostic Style


Can you remember the last time that you..

Opened your home to welcome someone new?

Made sure to clean up your dog’s pile of poo?

Put your arm around your sad little daughter,

And turned off your faucet to conserve water?

Sat and listened while a friend talked and cried…

Sent a card when your friend’s beloved mom died?

Insisted on treating yourself with respect?

Overcame the urge to overprotect?

Naturally, when parenting, kept your cursing in check…

Kisses and hugs are much better than

Insults and violence and words backhand.

Not the validation you seek from your snark,

Don’t you know the pleasure of  a flattering remark?

Noticing hard work and giving a raise?

Establishing rituals of tribute and praise?

Surely we all can open hearts wide,

So we can reveal the true strength inside.

photo from Barbara Paulsen at

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