My Flat Tire- A Fairy Tale

A Daily Post prompt to write something that happened in the past week in the style of a fairy tale.

And the wheels go 'round...

And the wheels go ’round…

Once Upon a Time, a king and queen indeed had a wonderful dream:  a day of family fun and frolic!  Complete with never-ending smiles, a cascade of sweet and meaningful memories made with the entire royal family!  It would be great fun: an afternoon bike ride, complete with a stop at the kingdom’s favorite coffee shop.  Treats of gooey, sugary deliciousness would be the destination after a day spent in the saddle and beneath the sun’s warm rays.  Oh how the princesses would enthuse to embark upon such a day!

Alas, the dream was not meant to be.  Both sisters displaying a whiney wickedness, the king and queen cajoled them with the allure of sunshine and sweets.  The sun, however,  proved to be a difficult ally, trying desperately to poke through but succeeding only in drowning the kingdom in fog.  Not even a royal invocation for sunlight was heeded.  The family rode on, however, despite the cold.  The sisterly squabbles began in earnest, whilst the king and queen beseeched them for peace.  The day’s winds whipped about, created an uphill feeling to a flat countryside.

And then, lo, a misery stopped them cold!  It was the flat tire of the queen’s bike.  It hissed and spat in a display of contempt for the family outing.  The only option, lest the king’s army be summoned, was to pedal back despite the destination of the journey having not been reached.  A mild argument ensued, of what to do next.  And in the end, the queen walked to the coffee shop, damaged tire and bike in tow.  Spirits dragged much as did the queen’s dirt-soaked finery.  As the family met her, they agreed to make the best of the royal outing, and order up some sugary tidbits to soothe their weary bodies.

And then, just like that, almost as if the queen’s wand had deemed it so, the family began laughing.  Enjoying the company.  Forgetting the vexing problems that the day had so meanly presented them.  The sugar proved a salve to the family, and in due time the king fetched his noble mini-van.  Procuring the sickly bike in it’s wretched condition,  he took the family back to it’s kingdom, where they are all now in pleasant company within the castle.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End.

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